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Providing the public with in-depth reviews of current HID Kits sold over the web is our first priority. We search the internet high and low to find the best Xenon products available. Here are the tests we conduct on each HID Kit when they go up for review:

A: Warranty Specifications & Company Reliability

The quality of an HID Kit is only as good as its Warranty. An HID Kit Supplier’s warranty tells the quality of the HID Kit the company is selling before it arrives at your door. If the company has a strong warranty chances are the HID Kit is of high quality. If the warranty is short or has very specific guidelines chances are the company wants a quick sale with no strings attached. Would you buy a NEW car with a horrible warranty? Hope not.

B: Quality of Product

You are buying an HID Kit for its superior qualities over halogen bulbs right? We are looking for just that, the quality of the HID Kit. We test the ballasts, bulbs, wiring, relays, solenoids (found with bi-xenon bulbs) and every other aspect of HID Kits. We only want the best, and so should you. HID Kits are tested for their weather proofing, shock resistance, build quality, and the most important test….the test of time. How long the HID Kit will perform.

C: Customer Service backing the HID Kit

We find out if the company selling the HID product actually has any knowledge about the products they sell. You would be surprised, some companies will sell just about anything without knowing anything about the product they are offering. We look for product support, order status updates, email confirmations and response time frames to our questions sent to the company’s customer service departments.

D: Difficulty of Installation

Anyone can sell you an HID Kit. Question is: Can they sell you the correct HID Kit for your vehicle the first time around? Plug and Play HID Kits should only take minutes to install. They should come with very easy to read instructions as well. HID Kit installation should never include instructions to cut wires. Today HID Kits are plug and play.

E: Final Pricing

Consumers do not like hidden costs. Neither do we. The final cost should be just that, the final cost. Shipping fees, handling fees, and of course those hidden fees should be on the final bill before you enter your payment information on the supplier’s site. HID Kit suppliers with hidden fees do not deserve ANYONE’S business.


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Warranty Specifications -

HIDSRUS.com Operates on a “No questions asked” policy. Simply the best in the industry. They offer a 2 year warranty on every product they sell. They offer a Lifetime warranty on their products as well. This says a lot about the high quality HID Kits they are selling.

Quality of Product

We could not have been happier with our HID Kit from HIDSRUS. It was of very high quality.

Customer Service

The people over at HIDSRUS answered any question we threw at them. They can walk you through any installation questions you may have over the phone. They responded to our emails within 30 minutes. Did we mention our HID Kit arrived at our front door two days after the order was placed? Now that is some high quality customer service!


Honestly, this kit required no installation guide. Although it did include one, it was very self explanatory. Anyone that can change the headlight bulb in their car can install this HID Kit. It took us under fifteen minutes to install our 9006 Bi-Xenon HID Kit.

Final Pricing

Pricing from HIDSRUS.com was very attractive at $57.99 a kit. This price did not include shipping BUT… during checkout we were asked to enter our zip code for a live shipping quote. This shows the company is not trying to make a little extra on the transaction with a fixed shipping price. (You can verify this by entering a couple different zip code prices against each other.) There were no hidden fees.

Testing is currently being done on suppliers across the web, please check back for the results. If you have a supplier that you would like to be placed under review, please send us an email to: info@hidinformation.com or (Click here).

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